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Gaited Morgans - Mare Mary Mels Peaches

Gaited Morgans smooth as glass for the glide of your life! And as a bonus, Jellico Gaited Morgan Horses come in a rainbow of colors! Including the rare colors in Gaited Morgans: Perlino; Cremello; and Splash White Gene. Plus the common colors of chestnut, black, palomino, bay and grey. Gaited Morgans for Sale of various ages and training.


Naturally Gaited Morgans

Jellico Farms has been breeding Morgan horses for natural gait for over 25 years. Our naturally Gaited Morgan horses have wonderful temperaments, trainability and beautiful conformation making them unmistakably Morgan. Our goal is to produce only even four beat Naturally Gaited Morgans performing the saddle rack, rack and running walk.


Gaited Morgans - Stallion Jellico RamrodJellico Gaited Morgans provide a ride that is smooth as glass for horsemen of all ages. We stand Gaited Morgan Stallions, or you can choose from one of our carefully planned Gaited Morgan foals.

Our Gaited Morgan breeding program has produced strongly Gaited Morgan horses who are making their mark on the Gaited Morgans of the future.


The term Singlefooting Morgans is often used interchangeably to describe Naturally Gaited Morgans who do a form of the Rack. These Singlefoot Morgans are Naturally Gaited and may also perform several other gaits described on our "About Gaits" page.

We welcome your visit to Jellico Farms - Home of Natural Gaited Morgans!

Gaited Morgan Stallion Jellico Creme de la Creme Gaited Morgan Stallion Jellico Moonshine  



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